Our Policies

About Our Policies

Sales – We sell either directly here on our website where you can simply buy weed online in Bali by placing your order and submitting your payment or contact us on WhatsApp using the WhatsApp button on bottom left or using the scan code at the button right. Our only WhatsApp number is the one on our website here

Payments – Buying cannabis in Bali is strictly restricted so we accept payments offshore to ensure our customers stay safe and discrete. We accept payment using bitcoin and global offshore payment apps such as WorldRemit, Remitly and other apps

Delivery – When you buy weed online in Bali from us we offer you an instant drop off delivery to any nearby resort, hotel, gas station or metro stop within a 500 mile radius or using dispatch riders to any address futher than 500 miles from our nearest dispatch location.

Product Quality – All our products are indoor grown, top shelf and of high THC content so when you buy weed in Bali from us you are 100% you are getting the best weed Bali has got

Refunds – We do our best to make sure all packages get to their destination successfully. However, if for some reason it does not then we cover a full refund except the $35- $50 delivery fee